Cultivating the Culture of Legacy Leadership

We are a leadership development community founded by Chief Mentor Gerald Jarmon, designed to cultivate the culture of legacy leadership by improving skills and relationships.

How we help

Transform yourself into a better you. Let us assist you in developing your skills.
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Improve leadership skills

We will guide you in unlocking the leadership skills within you.

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Understand your purpose

We will help you identify your gifts/talents and give you the necessary tools to achieve them.

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Leverage your relationships

Strengthen your connection with peers and the community.

Transition Series

3 essential keys to successfully transitioning from High School to College for every student-athlete.


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Take a look at how parents describe their
child's experience

"Gerald has been a wonderful role model and mentor to our daughter, Jordan. He is not just her basketball trainer. He's taught Jordan skills that she will use on and off the basketball court. Coach G has inspired and motivated her to not only be a better player but more importantly a better human being as well."
Parent/13 year old daughter
"Gerald is a great influence and mentor with so many kids! I thank God we found him in order to influence and mentor our son! Shaun thinks highly of Gerald and it meant a lot to my son when he reached out to him during a time that was really rough for him last year."
Parent/17 year old son
"Gerald's mentorship with my son (Lukas) means so much to me. I feel blessed that he is in our lives. I absolutely know without hesitation that my son will be a better man because of him."
Parent / 16 year old
"Gerald's influence isn’t just felt by young athletes. He has already helped me be a better sports dad to my child. Prayer for nothing but success in your future!"
Parent/15 year old son
"Ultimately Gerald has a plan for young players when he works with them and he will stick to his ideas in order to make the student-athlete a better player/person. He will always exceed your expectations.... he knows no other way than to excel!"
Parent/15 year old son


Improving the welfare and well-being of the people worldwide

Whether playing basketball or working in corporate America, Gerald has always found himself in leadership positions. His influence has been felt by many regardless of title or lack of and leadership isn’t something that he does… It’s his way of life.

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