Contact Gerald to set up a time to come and speak with your students, team, youth group or leadership team.

Gerald is a dynamic speaker that has spoken to audiences across the US and abroad.  Spanning over the past 20 years, He has been a true inspiration to youth as well as adults looking to become better people/leaders.  His ability to motivate, encourage as well as challenge his hearers is the reason why many times they will have him come back a second time.  

To young people, Gerald has timely messages that cover the following topics:  The Importance of Education, Pursuing Your Dreams, Don’t Ever Give Up, Overcoming Peer Pressure, Making Good Decisions and You Are a Leader.

For Adults, his innovative messages will challenge them to lead with the idea of leaving a legacy behind for their children and the next generation.  According to Gerald, his principles pertaining to Legacy Leadership explain what true mentorship is all about.  In addition to that, he also expounds on topics such as Maximizing Your Full Potential, Becoming a Person of Influence, If You Don’t Use it You Will Lose It, Seize the Moment and Remaining Poised Under Pressure.

The combination of his education, experience and knowledge allows him to reach everyone under the sound of his voice and no one will leave the same!

Picture of Gerald Jarmon speaking