Jarmon International was founded by Gerald Jarmon, who is the Founder/Chief Mentor of the company.

Jarmon International was founded by Gerald Jarmon, who is the Founder/Chief Mentor of the company. He was born and raised down south in a small town called New Bern, NC and received a scholarship to further his education and play college basketball at the University of Richmond.

After a very successful college basketball career, Gerald graduated from the university with a degree in Speech Communications and a minor in sports science.

He traveled the world to such countries/continents as South America, France, Australia, Canada and Russia playing Professional basketball along with touring with an organization which seeks to improve the welfare and well-being of the people through the love of Christ.

Whether playing basketball or working in corporate America, Gerald has always found himself in leadership positions.  His influence has been felt by many regardless of title or lack of and leadership isn’t something that he does….its his way of life.  

Picture of Gerald Jarmon coaching
Picture of Gerald Jarmon speaking

Since 2006, he has also served as the President of a non-profit organization called The Three Star Foundation, Inc. and is now the Director of All Programming.  This ministry was created to challenge inner-city youth to achieve their fullest potential as individuals and community members by providing opportunities for academic (Mind), physical fitness (Body) and character development (Spirit) through the vehicle of sports.  At the core of the organization is a team of committed leaders from Central Pa who follow Gerald’s leadership and guidance for programming, structure and team building.

He has been a mentor and coach for over 18 years and has brought all of his experience, knowledge and expertise to Jarmon International with the hopes of building a Global Community of Leaders that will embrace the true meaning of mentorship.

Mentor One, Touch Thousands

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