Transition Series

Learn about the three essential keys to successfully transitioning from High School to College for every student-athlete.

Read this book if you or someone you know is a junior or senior high school athlete who has aspirations of going to college to further their education and compete athletically at the next level.

Read this book if you or someone you know are currently a freshman or sophomore student-athlete in college and seeking to not only do well but excel during what many consider the most important years of your life.

Gerald Jarmon has been there himself. As a kid growing up in New Bern, NC, his goal was to play Div. I college basketball. Through hard work, perseverance and days and weeks of training, he achieved his lofty goal and received a scholarship to play at the University of Richmond in 1990.  He entered college just like any other freshman student-athlete as far as desiring to get playing time and showcasing his/her skills. However, meeting the academic expectations at the University of Richmond while balancing the daily demands on the basketball court was a challenge he was not expecting. Facing daily pressure to perform well on the court in practice while dealing with the media during the weeks leading up to the first game had him contemplating if he had made the right decision. On top of that, he was struggling in a couple classes in a way that he had never struggled before and calling home for pep talks was starting to become an everyday thing. Transferring to another college crossed him mind several times. However, he weathered the storms through the same perseverance and resilience that got him there.

In The Transi-tion Series, Gerald shares three key principles that he applied during his times of struggle that enabled him to not only overcome but excel both academically as well athletically while maintaining a thriving social life!

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